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Cutting & Fabrication

At Alpha we are proud to be able to assist you with any of your cutting needs. We have invested in a double headed mitre Addison cutting machine, the investment of which plant ensures that Alpha Finishing can be the one-stop shop for all your cutting, fabrication and finishing needs.

The machine with its technical capabilities for the digital setting of the cutting length to +/- 0.1°, USB data interface, and memories for profile heights and cutting lists, ensures we are well equipped to satisfy requirements of cut and mitred sections of up to 9m in length and 200mm in width. The tight tolerances of the machines capabilities ensure that lengths can be cut and mitred before or after the anodizing/powdercoating process and both large medium and small sized lengths/components can be catered for.

If you just require lengths being cut and be packaged for despatch to your customer, we would be delighted to quote for a cutting and packaging service utilising our spiral packing machine if requested.