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The decision to rebrand 'Alpha Anodizing & Polishing' with its new trading name 'Alpha Finishing', is the result of the company investing in new plant and equipment over recent years, allowing us to offer a greater range of services, beyond Anodizing and Polishing, to our new and existing customers.

We believe that we offer the one-stop shop that our customers require, to satisfy their anodising, cutting and fabrication requirements, and with the establishment of our sister company Prima Metal Finishing, we now offer a range of alternative finishes such as powder-coating and wet spraying to name but a few.


Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. The process is called "anodizing" because the part to be treated forms the anode electrode of an electrical circuit.

Aluminium alloys are anodized to increase corrosion resistance, to increase surface hardness, and to allow dyeing (coloring), improved lubrication, or improved adhesion. The anodic layer is non-conductive.

The Alpha Anodizing & Polishing plant is a semi-automatic line capable of handling extrusions of up to 6.5m in length and sheets up to 3.6 x 1.25m, as well as small components, pressings or extruded profiles .
The process we offer produces a range of colours from a natural silver anodised finish through light to dark bronzes and black. The range of bronze colours can be produced with anodic films from 15 to 25 microns, with natural colour from 5 to 30 microns.

Our finish has proved time and again over 30 years to provide light fast colours and highly corrosion resistant coatings, and the electrolytic process we use in our plant is of the type now most widely sought after by leaders in the industry. All our finishes for exterior and decorative applications are all produced to comply with BS3987.1991.

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Cutting and Fabrication

At Alpha we are proud to be able to assist you with
any of your cutting needs. Using our double headed
mitre Addison cutting machine, we are well equipped
to cut and mitre sections of up to 9m in length and
200mm in width. The investment in this plant ensures
that Alpha Finishing can be the one-stop shop for
all your cutting, fabrication and finishing needs.

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Ensuring that the customer receives their finished parts packed to their exact requirements is extremely important to Alpha. Our experience dedicated packing department ensure that each piece of work is cleaned, quality checked and then packed to the highest standard in line with the customer’s specification.

Our recent purchase of a spiral-wrapping machine is demonstrative of our commitment to our customer’s needs following request for that type of secure and protective packaging.

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Long Length Polishing

At Alpha we have one of the best polishing machines in the UK dedicated to polishing lengths of up to 6.5m. The photograph doesn’t do justice to the machine’s capabilities.  It is a dirty process but is one that if it is a first class polished length that you require, this machine is the one to achieve it.

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Twin overhead hoists transfer material through a series of 25 tanks with the integrity and quality of your finished product being maintained through our automatic refrigeration and heating systems that maintain the
tank temperatures within close working tolerances.

The digital display units that continuously monitor the plant's conditions and our 5 stage programmed controller which helps achieve the highly accurate matching colour produced, are reinforced by our on-site testing for the purpose of consistent chemical control to give maximum colour matching requirements.

We are fully ISO9001:2008 approved and we take this accreditation as the minimum basis for our commitment
to quality.

In addition, we are currently implementing an Environmental Management system that will meet with the stringent requirements of the ISO14001 accreditation, and an Occupational Health and Safety management System in line with OHSAS18001.



Prima Metal Finishing was established in response
to our customer's requests for assistance in solving
non-anodising finishing issues.

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